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Collective Worship

As a Church School, we believe passionately that our inclusive and inspiring Collective Worship has a unique role to play in the life of our school.  It provides the opportunity for us come together as a community, whether that be as a class, phase, or whole school in order to reflect upon the teachings and traditions of Christianity and our place in the wider world. Furthermore, Collective Worship provides the heartbeat of our school as it allows everyone a chance to reflect on the Biblical roots and distinctively Christian nature of our school’s vision and values.
  • Inclusive - Our worship is inclusive and accessible to all. We do not assume the faith position of those within our school, but shows an awareness that we all have our own worldviews which require nurture and development. Our times together are framed by language, images and music which models the diversity of the wider world and Christian faith.


  • Invitational - Our worship is consistently invitational. Children are always invited to move into the presence of the Lord if they wish to do so. There is no compulsion for children to confess to any particular faith position. Children are invited to pray only if they feel comfortable doing so. If children would like to make a prayer their own, they are invited to close the prayer with 'Amen'. 
  • Inspiring - Our Collective Worship plays an essential role in helping our whole school family to flourish.  As such, Collective Worship offers an opportunity for our pupils’ to think deeply about their own faith, worldview, beliefs, spirituality and philosophical convictions in order that they might become courageous advocates of themselves and make the world a better place.
Worship Leaders
We have six fantastic Worship Leaders who are led by our wonderful Worship Minister. These pupils wrote formal letters of applications to Miss Thomas sharing their desire to fulfil this role as well as expressing the gifts, talents and qualities they bring to the role. 
Worship Leaders work closely with Miss Thomas to plan and develop Collective Worship as well as enhancing spiritual areas and prayer spaces within our school.